Friday, January 13, 2017

It has been some time since I have written on this blog.  Since the last post, much has happened in my life.  Another BIL has been in the hospital and then to the nursing home.  My husband has fast become disabled and I had another brush with death, and added to my family is a son-in-law and three step grandchildren.  My remaining two cats have gone to kitty heaven, which makes my house seem empty and boring. Remaining is a  dog, Samantha and my parrot, Ike.  

A full recovery of my health is going to be slow and long.   I am embracing the Paleo diet and learning new ways of cooking.  It is tough giving up my comfort foods and coming to terms of spending more time in the kitchen, but if this is what it takes to get well again, I will do it. 

Needlework projects had been put on hold until recently.  It is fun to re-discover treasures.  One regret, was that I didn't make notes, or better notes, as to what my ideas were for different projects.  Also, I regret that I didn't make kits of the projects because I find pieces missing, or know that the fabric needed is "somewhere".  I have found some "special" fabrics but have forgotten what I was going to do with them, [notes on the fabric would have been helpful].

For the last two years, my sewing room has turned into a junk room.  That all has to be cleared out before I can get to my machines and fabrics.  Yarn is scattered all over the house, so as I clean, I am trying to corral it all and then put some kind of organization into the mess.  Patterns that I had printed off, are scattered all over instead of in neat folders. You are getting the idea as to what my needlework stuff is like.

The first step in organizing all this mess I am in, was taken when I bought a bookcase for my knitting books.  I thought I bought a bookcase large enough, but found that it was quickly filled.  The next step in this is to put all the books into an app called:  My Stuff 2.  This is an app for the Ipod, not sure if they have an android version.  In my cleaning, several books had been bought twice, so I am hoping that this app will keep me from spending twice for the same item.

This year I am going to try to finish one UFO a week.  There is so much started and I would really like to be using and enjoying these projects.  Already, I am three weeks behind in that goal, but I have hopes.  Even if I don't get 52 projects done for the year, whatever is done will be a step forward.

Each winter I would buy kits to learn a new technique or a step up in something that I already know what to do.  The last two years, I have not used these kits, so this year I get to choose from many things to learn something new, but only have the time in my day to learn one thing.  I also bought a keyboard because I want to learn to play the piano.  Learning new things keeps your mind active and sure makes life more interesting.

This brings you up to date and the next post will start with pictures of what I am working on and some of the projects I have already completed in the past, along with any stories that I have for them.   These are being recorded in case at sometime my family will be interested.  Right now, no one in the family is interested in what I do, but they do enjoy the end result. 

Till next time.