Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15, 2012

Kimono quilt

When making this quilt, I used the pattern called: the Disappearing Nine Patch.  About two years ago, this quilt was the rage because they are fun and fast quilts to do.  Here is one of many websites that give tutorials, as well as YouTube videos. 

I started out with 4-1/2 inch cut squares of an oriental print. I wanted the print to be framed in white, so here is how I arranged the patches to be sewn.
Row 1:  print – white- print,
Row 2: white – print – white,
Row 3:  print – white- print. 
This gave me a print patch, sashed on two sides in white, with a corner square of the print that was so small that it looked different than the large print squares.

I used 4-1/2 cut size squares, but you can make your cut squares any size you wish.  You also don’t need to have a controlled fabric.  I am presently working on a Disappearing Nine Patch as a scrappy quilt.  There are other design layouts that you can do by playing with the arrangement of the blocks, the one shown in the tutorial is just one of many. 

Here is a website where the woman did a cut block in a different way.  Dividing of sewn blocks opens a whole new world of design.
Do a search of your own on The Disappearing Nine Patch and see what more you can come up with.

I hand quilted this quilt in the ditch.  I always use white or off-white muslin, in either plain or a white on white or cream on cream print, when I hand quilt.  When I put that much work into a quilt, I make sure that I can see the stitching when done. 

This pattern so intrigues me that I have been thinking of other ways to make the quilt.  Why not embroider designs in the uncut squares?  Or, make 4-1/2 inch blocks and use those for the uncut squares? With either one, I would end up with a focus block already sashed with a corner stone.   I am also playing with the idea of using other nine patch type blocks and cutting them to see what kind of other designs I could come up with.  One of these days I will go into my EQ7 and play around with the nine patch blocks to see what will work. 

Here is another picture of my Remington lying on a quilt.  All my quilts are Remington magnets.  


  1. I am going to check out the Disappearing Nine Patch pattern!

    Love the quilt Remington is on!

  2. Do you do all your quilting with a hoop? Or do you have a quilting frame as well?

    1. I prefer doing my quilting in a hoop, just because I can move around more and change positions of quilting. That way I can quilt for hours and there is an added plus, in the winter time I am kept warm.

      I do have a floor frame as well and that always has a quilt on it. My frame is one that I can adjust up and down and the slant of the work. I use that more in the summer for the work is kept off my lap and much cooler.