Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27, 2012

Today I want to show some quicker projects I have made.  These items only took a few hours to make and made me feel happy.

This little crocheted angel was made for a friend, who was going through chemo therapy.  I wanted her to remember that I was thinking and praying for her.  You can find tons of crocheted angel patterns by running a web search.  I was astounded by how many are out there.  Here is the website where I found this pattern, it is a free download.

I  had some left over washable wool and wanted a sleeve for my water bottle.  This one works out well, and holds the moisture when the bottle sweats.  Most sleeves are just that, a sleeve, this one is more like a sock, for it has a bottom to it.  This is knitted.

I love this Christmas stocking.  Several years ago, a friend gave to me a half yard of this lovely fabric.  I just knew it had to be used for something "special".  One Christmas, I entered a swap where we were to make a sock and then stuff it full of small gifts.  This is the twin to the sock I sent.

This fabric has glitz on it in silver.  I padded the sock with batting, quilted it with a decorative stitch on my sewing machine, using a thread with a sheen.  The lace around the cuff is what I had left over from a robe that I made for myself.  I lined the sock with some white, medium weight, drapery lining fabric, to help keep the sock shape.

I hope that you enjoy today's post.  Till next time.................

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