Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7, 2012

This is an English  Paper Piecing project which was a class mystery quilt given on the CDdesigns website.  You can purchase the pattern and the paper pieces needed to complete the topper at this URL.

  Here is where you can see a gallery of pictures of the topper done by others who did the class.

Since I feel that sewn seams are stronger than joining by English Paper Piecing, I had the brainy idea to trace around all 184 paper pieces and add the 1/4 inch seam.  I then stitched them together.  Believe me, it wasn't one of my best ideas.  I had to press open each seam that I sewed, which was tedious. Some of those pieces were very small and hard to manage to press without burning my fingers.

I hand quilted this topper by hand quilting in  the ditch.

At some point in time I will make another of these toppers, for I do like the pattern.  This one was done in Christmas fabrics, for it was right before Christmas when the class was given, so my amount of time to use it on my table is limited.  The next time, I will do the  English Paper Piecing method instead of seaming it.

That is it for today.  Enjoy

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  1. I will have to google English Paper Piecing. That is a new term for me. But your project turned out beautiful! And 184 pieces?! Wow! I would have never guessed that!

    You sure do beautiful work!