Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22, 2012

This quilt is a doll quilt which is 40 years old.  My friend was in her 80s when she started this doll quilt for my daughter.  My friend started this as a hand piecing project but before she was able to finish it, she was having problems with her eyes.  So, she gave it to me to finish.  I never got around to finishing it when my daughter was playing with dolls, in fact, it was just finished about five years ago.  I finished it off with machine piecing and machine quilting.  I am not sure where this little quilt is, if I still own it or if I gave it to my daughter.  If I still have it, it will be unearthed as I deep clean the house.

This quilt is just plain ugly.  This is a stamped, cross stitch , Bucilla kit.  I whiled away the hours cross stitching this quilt while my husband was recovering from open heart surgery.  I just didn't like the colors chosen for this piece.  I machine quilted it and gave it to my daughter who gifted it for a baby gift.

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  1. Love the doll quilt - I will have to keep that in mind for whenever we have granddaughters.