Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012

This is the first posting on the blog.  It has taken me a long time to think of a name, for I do so many things, that it is was hard to zero in on one thing., so Peaceful Pastimes was chosen because I have many pastimes and I find peace when doing them.  Variety is the spice of life, so you will never know what I will be writing about  on any given day.

The first thing I would like to do, is to introduce you to my fur babies. The first one's name is Remington.
I found him 15 years ago under my back porch and almost starved.  He is my quilting buddy.  He watches me while I cut fabrics and  helps me choose fabrics.  If he likes my choice, he will roll all over the fabrics, if he doesn't like what I have chosen, he will mess them up or try to crawl under them.

When I do a quilt layout, if he doesn't like what I have done, he will carry off the blocks.  Again if he likes what I have done, he will show his pleasure by rolling all over them.  He is always correct and I listen to him with each quilt I make.  When I hand quilt, he likes to crawl under the lap frame and sleep on my lap while I am working.  He also likes to ride on shoulders, which drives my husband nuts.  Remington is also my watchdog and protector. He lets me know when someone is approaching the house and he will fight anyone who touches my stuff.   He likes being held while I am at the computer, which makes typing a bit hard at times.

My next kitty is my Victorian Kitty.  Her name is Prudence.  She is now 11 years old.  She had been abused
by some boys and was rescued.  Prue is my kitty who keeps me company when I am doing knitting or embroidery work, or any other kind of hand work where I sit  on a  chair or couch.  She has not taken to quilting and never shows up when I am doing that.  Prue will nestle beside me and will tell me when it is time to take a break or stop.  During the day, she is my husband's cat, but during the evening, she is all mine.

Prue has her own place beside me on the bed where she likes to sleep.  She gets angry with me if I don't make room for her to sleep in that spot.  She is a biter when displeased, but over the years, she is learning to trust us that we won't hurt her, so the biting is now rare for her to do.  Prue is the scared cat of the three.  Anyone comes to the door, will make her run and hide.  She will disappear until the people are gone.

 This kitty is named Goldie. She is also 11 years old.  My daughter adopted her from a shelter, but her cats wouldn't let Goldie in the house, so I became a foster parent, 10 years ago.  She is the loving kitty.  She loves everyone who comes into the house and loves to play.

Goldie gets upset whenever we go away.  We are always met at the door and scolded for leaving the house.  If we work in the yard, she will sit by the window and wail until we come in.  Then she will scold us for going out the door.  She is also a talking cat, which about drives me nuts at times.  My daughter's red cat also talks a lot, so I am thinking that is something that red cats do.

Goldie likes to sleep on top of me at night or on the headboard of our bed.  She also likes to walk on us to get where she is going, sometimes going out of her way to do so. She isn't one bit interested in any of my needlework.

The next fellow isn't a fur baby, but a feathered one.  This is Ike.  He/she, is an Orange Wing Amazon parrot.
I have had him/her for over 30 years.  Ike is my company when I am at the computer.  Ike is a very friendly
and loving bird.  Ike use to yell a lot but has settled down and is quiet.  He/she, loves to climb all over me and play with my hair.  Loves to be petted and have her feathers played with.  She thinks that she should be eating everything that I eat.  The cats leave her alone, which is a surprise to me, but she can take care of herself if they should ever decide to get brave.

That is all the pets that I have in my home right now.  I lost my dog three years ago and I have been looking for one to take her place, but it is hard to decide what to adopt when there are so many out there that need homes.

That is it for today.


  1. Love your post & the photos of your pets. I love how you've described each of their personalities as well. Good job on the blog!

  2. Wow. You have kept each pet a long time! I love how you described their personalities. =) I look forward to hearing more of their antics, and seeing more of your work.

  3. Yes, you will see more of my pets. I love them dearly and they are great companions to me. I have tons of things to show, so won't be running out of items to put very soon.